Slide scanning

  • Got boxes full of slides or prints that you never look at ?
  • Got old or faded photos you want to resuce ?
  • Get them scanned to a CD or DVD so that you can view them on the telly or your computer, or print your own enlargements
  • sr-images provides a 35mm slide and negative (colour and black & white) scanning service to professional quality standards at up to 4000 dpi. Various options/levels of service are available depending on your requirements. Resultant image files are supplied in jpeg or tiff format on CD or DVD as required.

Three levels are service are offered:

  • Basic: (from £0-50 per slide) slides/negatives scanned as received using basic settings without any dust removal, adjustment, cropping or post-scan processing. This service is cheaper and most suitable for those who have their own software and wish to do their own post-scan tweaking.
  • Intermediate: (from £0-75 per slide) cropping to remove the border created by the slide mount, infrared dust and scratch removal (not possible for B&W)
  • Advanced: (from £1-00 per slide) each slide/negative is given individual attention; as intermdiate plus the levels/contrast is adjusted for each, post-scan processing to restore faded colour, correct colour, contrast etc. will also be applied to get the best out of each image.
  • Options: 2000, 3000 or 4000 dpi resolution, jpeg (8-bit) or tiff (8 or 16 bit) file format, sRGB or Adobe RGB colour space, click here for more details and explanation of the options
  • Contact me now to discuss your requirements